by Ix

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released July 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Ix Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: 10 Days
Ten days
till I found the words
to fit with this song
till I could have the courage
to be in front of you

Ten days
till I could
make a call
trembling hands can't wait
to hear your voice, softly digitized

Ten days
till I got off the bus
in another strange, city
till I saw your face
and fell into your arms
Track Name: Mirror
Haven't you heard this before?
doesn't this sound familiar?
the melody muffled through the door
latched but hanging off hinges

I went out to find America
but all there was, was a gaping chasm
pupils dilate in the night
as the chasm stares back in me

Haven't we been here before?
doesn't this look familiar?
the sun can't break down the door
but is seeping in through the window

Christ once hung bleeding on the cross
but now all that remains is a memory
ensconced upon the throne
bleeding myrrh and incense

I could feel
I couldn't breathe
I had a dream
Our bodies
A pale moon
a half crescent
weeping stars
Sheeted in agony

Haven't we heard this before?
Doesn't this sound familiar?
Haven't I seen you before?
Why do you look familiar?